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Benefits of Terreplenish

Regenerates depleted and damaged soil


Improves plant health

Increases yields by up to 30%

Protects from diseases and pests

And it does it all sustainably and organically


We have been using Terreplenish on our conventional farms with great results going on 5 years now. Our plants are much healthier, and we have seen an increase in yields in just the first year. Terreplenish does everything a cover crop will do and more without the cost of added equipment and time.

– Roy Winnings, Illinois

I've been using Terreplenish for more than 5 years on my grapes, I noticed a difference almost right away in the size of the fruit sets, even more significant is I haven't had powdery mildew or flea beetles since.

– Martha, Chicago

We applied a foliar treatment to our broccoli crop once a week for 6 weeks. We harvested the initial heads, and the treated area heads averaged 3.1 lbs., while the untreated area heads averaged 0.53 lb. Visually, there is a remarkable difference in the plant size and conformation. The Terreplenish treated area is equivalent to 4.65 tons per acre, definitely on the high side for organic production on a dry year, or any year.

– C.D., Northern Illinois

I use Terreplenish every other watering for my indoor grow operation. Since I started using this product two years ago, I have seen increase in yields of 25%- 50% (depending on the strain) and have green and happy plants. My grow receives organic nutrients in the first watering and Terreplenish in the next. Regardless of growth stage, when transplanting, I always use Terreplenish.

– Koke, Michigan

Heal Your Soil for Healthier, More Abundant Crops

Our mission is simple: We help growers like you produce healthy crops organically, sustainably, and profitably. Terreplenish is a natural blend of live nitrogen-enriching microbes that naturally improve soil and plant health and protect them from diseases and pests, leading to healthier and more abundant crops year after year.

Did we mention organic and sustainable? Terreplenish is made from recycled food scraps. Plus it’s OMRI-listed, a USDA BioBased certified product, and registered as a soil amendment in California, allowing it to be used for the most stringent organic food production.

How It Works

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